Elevators designed to suit any need.

From modern MRL traction lifts, designed to be elegant, energy-efficient, and compact, to small home lifts, ideal for both office suites and single-family houses, up to panoramic cars and industrial goods lifts.

Each elevator has its perfect use and CMM will help you identify the best solution for your customers’ needs.


CMM brand identifies a historic Italian specialist in the production of components and units both hydraulic and traction. The current production structure was established in 1987.

The most modern technologies and high-precision machinery allow us to design and produce a full and competitive range of products that includes the availability of new and interesting models of automatic doors suitable for refurbishment of existing lifts, "LIFT ME"  solutions for lifts with gearless motor and HOME LIFT PECK

We believe that the passion and commitment of our family in the management of the company are the best guarantee of continuity, improvement and growth.


  • Automatic Doors
  • Fire Rated Automatic Doors E120, EI30, EI120 in line with EN81.58
  • Glazed Automatic Doors
  • Semiautomatic Swing Doors - 1 or 2 wings

Complete Elevators:



Our cabins for elevators are designed and manufactured in Italy with high quality materials.

We make your own tailor cabin with the utmost flexibility for interior customization, with our standard finishes or following  your design and materials needs.




Home Lift Peck is the platform lift certified in accordance with Machine Directive 2006/42/EC, complying with Italian Architectural Barriers Act 13/89 and traveling at a speed of 0.15 m/s

 Home Lifts Peck are available both Hydraulic, with min. load 250 Kg. and max load 1000 Kg. and Gearless, with min. load 250 Kg. and max load 500 Kg., with 1 entrance, 2 entrances both opposite and adjacent, but especially with 3 entrances.

It is also possible to customize them without car doors and with landing swing doors otherwise with car and landing automatic doors.




After carefully study CMM has developed a system for automatic 2, 3 and 4 panel doors with minimized sill overall dimension.

The system can be used for renovating existing lifts that have either automatic or manually opening doors or in any other situation where it is needed to reduce the overall dimensions of the doors sills.


We can also allow you to change only the car door or the landing door, giving you the possibility to save money.




CMM launches new car door operators VVVF ECO, a New coupling cam with integrated door lock, and landing doors series EURO 2006 in line with Standards EN81-20/50.



In our range of landing doors Euro 2006 are also included doors with Reduced Sill suitable for refurbishment of existing lifts, fire rated doors in line with EN81.58 and swing doors.


VVVF Car Door Operators


CMM launches new car door operators:

PECK for home lift, MIX for residential lifts, ECO for offices and high traffic.


From the first series created in 1991 till today we have never stopped innovating our production by investing in modern technology and machinery.

Our range also includes doors with Reduced Sill suitable for refurbishment of existing lifts, fire rated doors in line with EN81.58, circular doors and swing doors.




The elevators of the series "LIFT ME" 8000 and 9000 have been studied by CMM to host Gearless permanent magnet synchronous motor, in shaft with or without machine room, granting a lower noise level, a better ride comfort and a considerable energy saving especially in high traffic buildings.

The controller of the "LIFT ME" elevators is placed, preferably, near the last stop (headroom). Speed control is done through an inverter (both Single and Three phases) and encoder. The car frames are supplied with a mechanical block on the guide rails that provides the possibility of maintenance from the car roof.




Our system, developed for lift door drive applications,  integrates a permanent magnet motor and a dedicated controller and is currently the most modern structure used in the electric motor technology. The overall structure combines the advantages of permanent magnet geared motors (high dynamics) together with direct drives (gearless), providing much lower power consumption.

Optimized gearless motors are controlled by a field-oriented method able to reach high dynamics performances while minimizing energy consumption.  Dedicated controller have been designed both to control the motor, as well as to act like an interface between the lift controller and the door drive.




It all began in 1969 in the northern Italian city of Mezzago, in the heart of Brianza, with a small company that manufactured doors, cars, and components for elevators to satisfy the needs of a merely local market.


To grow and expand into new markets, the company would need to modernize its systems and processes.


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